Sean Christopher

Lead Vocalist

Sean Christopher is described as a somewhat natural talent. Born in the UK, he grew up learning his foundations from the legends that were, the likes of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to name just two. With vocals that simply grab you, and a natural stage presence that leaves you breathless, he creates a kind of magic on stage that always leaves you wanting more.

Sean already has a tour with his RnB group across the UK and Ireland under his belt; more recently he has performed as lead in many West End-style musical productions. His vocal range, dance ability and presence will always keep you watching. He is a true natural talent.

Now after three successful years playing the iconic role of Michael Jackson in the hit show Thriller Live, touring some of the most amazing countries such as Japan, Brazil, Germany and France and meeting some of the most loving Michael Jackson fans all over the world, Sean is to once more have the privilege of returning to Thriller Live, continuing in the great legend’s work, Michael Jackson.